The Communcations and Signal Processing Laboratory is equiped with the following hardware:
  • Unix workstation cluster: Intended for computing intensive work such as simulations, this cluster consists of 1 Sun Ultra-30, 8 Sun Ultra-10.
  • Other Unix workstations: 2 Sun Ultra-5.
  • Pentium 1.8 Ghz, Windows 2000 Computer: 10
  • Double Xeon, Windows 2000 Workstation: 1
Also, the following equipment is available for presentations:
  • Notebooks: 2 IBM Thinkpad notebooks are available for presentations.
  • Multimedia Projector: 1
Note for CSPL Students: If you want to use this equipment for a presentation please download, complete and bring this form to the CSPL (2454 A. V. Williams Bldg.). In the lab., give the form to Guan-Ming Su or Masoud Olfat to reserve and to have access to the equipment. Please, bring the form at least a couple of days before the date of your presentation, if not you may not be able to reserve the equipment.

The lab. also is equiped with a wide array of software used for programming, simulating and developing in the context of the Signal Processing and Communications research.

The central facilities of the lab. are located in room A.V. Williams 2454. The following images show a view of our instalations.

General view of the students' offices area.

One typical student office.

Another student office.

The CSPL meeting area.

A view of the area for the PC's open to CSPL students.

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