The research areas in Communications and Signal Processing can be categorized into three main areas: communications, networking, and signal and image processing. The following is an example of what CSPL faculty members are working on. Please note the research is evolving rapidly. Therefore, no list can be so up-to-date. For more information, please consult each individual faculty member.

Communications: Ephremides, Farvardin, Gansman, Liu, Narayan, Papadopoulos, Papamarcou, Tretter, Ulukus, Wu
  • Combined source and channel coding for mobile radio networks.
  • Cryptography and information security.
  • Error control coding techniques.
  • Information theory and data compression.
  • Multimedia communication over networks and wireless channels.
  • Multi-user communication systems and networks.
  • Synchronization of communications systems.
  • Satellite and mobile communications.
  • Space-time coding and MIMO communication systems.
  • Wireless communication channel modeling and estimation.

Networking: Ephremides, La, Liu, Makowski, Milner, Narayan, Shayman, Sennur Ulukus.
  • Fault management.
  • Key distribution and management.
  • Network management.
  • Network Security.
  • Network Stability.
  • Optimal Routing Control.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Queuing systems.
  • Rate Control in the Internet.
  • Resource allocation and power control over wireless networks.
  • Routing, multiple access, protocols design for communication networks.
  • System optimization and design.

Signal and Image Processing: Bhattacharyy , Chellappa, Espy-Wilson, Farvardin, Liu, Papadopoulos, Tretter, Wu
  • Adaptive signal processing.
  • CAD for signal processing and embedded systems.
  • Computer vision and pattern recognition.
  • Digital Watermarking and fingerprinting.
  • Distributed sensor processing and communications.
  • Low-power signal processing .
  • Medical imaging.
  • Multimedia security and right management.
  • Multimedia signal processing.
  • Sensor array signal processing and smart antennas.
  • Signal processing with nonlinear systems.
  • Speech, image, and video compression..
  • VLSI architectures for signal processing.

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